VMware vSphere Upgrade Process

Upgrade Prerequisites 

  • Verify that existing hardware (x86 Server) supports the version of vSphere you are about install
  • We can use VMware Harware Compatibility Guide for verifying hardware compatibility with ESXi
  • Verify that licenses that are purchased are entitled for an upgrade in My VMware account
  • Verify various other VMware solutions that are running in the current vSphere infrastructure
  • Check if these solutions are compatible with version of ESXi that we are installing now
  • We must use VMware Interoperability Matrix for checking compatibility of various VMware solutions involved in upgrade
  • Plan the upgrade or calculate downtime so that we can successfully migrate all VMware infrastructure components and virtual machines to the latest version
  • For further details and different scenarios kindly check VMware upgrade guide

Upgrade Steps

  • Run vCenter Host agent pre upgrade checker which can help avoid manual checking
  • Upgrade other VMware Solutions that we may be using in the infrastructure
  • Upgrade vCenter Server Appliance or vCenter for Windows
  • Upgrade vSphere Client if you are using it
  • Upgrade your Licensing , this is very important
  • If we are not using any simple install, then we must upgrade Update Manager
  • Upgrade ESXi hosts
  • Upgrade VMware Tools to the latest version
  • Finally we can then upgrade datastores VMFS version to the latest version

Kindly go through VMware vSphere Upgrade document before beginning the upgrade process.

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