Creating Custom Views in VMware vROps

Hello Everyone, After we have successfully deployed and configured vCenter Adapter for our VMware vROps it will start collecting data from the vCenter. After this we must now start Customizing it to suit our requirements and needs. In this series of Posts we will cover few topics including Creating Custom Views, Reports, Dashboards, Alerts and Notifications.

vROps Views 

vROps provides several types of Views, these Views contain metrics, properties, policies of various monitored objects including alerts, symptoms from various adapters in our environment. By customizing Views we can display data with respect to transformation, forecast, and trend calculations for monitored objects. So lets try a create a Custom View. Custom View can be anything according to the use case.
From the Home Page > Click Content > Click View > Click Plus Button to add a new View

A new Pop up page will appear provide the following details
STEP 1: Name and Description for the View

STEP 2: Presentation : This option describes about how would you want the View to look when it is displayed.

STEP 3: Subject :These are the objects on which we create View, Under vCenter Adapter Kindly Choose the appropriate Subject.


STEP 4: Data : Choose which Data Metric object of the Subject you want to View and Drag it, you can also Rename its details
We can also choose to Preview of how would this View be displayed.


STEP 5: Visibility : Choose Defaults and Save the Custom View.


Once the Custom View has been Created and Saved , We must now Check if its working as described,
From the Home Page > Click Environment > Choose Appropriate Inventory Tress > Click vCenter Server > Details Tab > Views
Once we are in Views > Search the newly created View and then check if its working fine.


Now we will Create custom Reports in our VMware vROps.

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