Introduction to SysTrack Desktop Assessment (SDA)


Earlier this year VMware in collaboration with LakeSide introduced a new assessment platform,This unique offering provides a detailed metrics and data about end user environments called SysTrack Desktop Assessment(SDA) . SDA is a cloud based on-demand tool running from VMware vCloud AIR which provides both Customers and their Partners a detailed metrics and data.
It also enables IT to consume a Self service platform to assess their End Users , Applications and Infrastructure requirements for transforming to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.(VDI)


An assessment is very critical and helps us in getting a insight about User Profiles, Applications Details and Infrastructure Details. With these details this enables partners for designing and Sizing Highly accurate. This is an optimized manner for approaching and considering use cases for VDI. Partners will also be suggested with Technology recommendations such as Horizon 6 , Flex , Mirage and AirWatch etc.

Customers can register themselves at and also add their preferred partners so that they also gain visibility for various dashboards that would be generated.

We must run an separate instance of an agent on every system that participates in the SDA. This securely collects the data and Transmits to Dashboards running from vCloud AIR.

A comprehensive reports with Users, Apps and Infrastructure details are generated and Partners can engage with Customers for recommendations about their transformation to VDI.

How to Register?

1) Register with SysTrack using above URL
2) You will receive an confirmation Email , Login in to SysTrack
3) Fill up necessary details and accept EULA
4) Wait until Registration is Saved
5) Click the link sent to confirm all Registration details
6) Login and change password and Complete Registration

Download and Install 

After completing registration we must login and download the Assessment client called , and Install on the systems participating in the SDA. We can install this on Windows Vista, 7 , 8 , 8.1 .


Analyse and View your Assessments 

VMware recommends to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before the reports can be generated . We can login to SysTrack Desktop Assessment and then above image shows that. However the following assessment tools will be accessible after three days:
Application Dependencies : Provides IP’s of necessary systems for this app
Application Port Usage : Ports used by applications
Software Packages Installed : Versions and Count of different software packages .
SysTrack Desktop Assessment Report : Enterprise Systems Summary, Environmental Compliance, Website Access, and Horizon Solution Recommendations
Data Quality Summary
System Hardware Overview Report
System Demand Overview Report
SysTrack Site Visualizer an IT Manager diagnostic tool provide an in depth perspective of specific systems and users .

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