Part 1 : Install Configure Manage – VMware vSphere 6

As the post name suggests this is an introduction and an overview to VMware’s Hypervisor ESXi and its prowess in the cloud driven era. As we all know VMware being a leader in the aforementioned IT market I would love to take this opportunity to introduce you to the basics components and features of VMware vSphere 6.

Although the ESXi like any other OS sits on top of your bare metal physical servers its incredible to note that it takes a footprint just as less as ~150 MB and with a very powerful unified management tool vCenter Server


As we can see in the above image this is Type 1 Hypervisor or ESXi installed directly on a physical server . However in our lab we are going to use Type 2 Hypervisor such VMware Workstation for Windows platform and Fusion Pro for Mac OSX.

Agenda for this series :

Part 2 – Install and configure ESXi 6.0
Part 3 – Deploy and configuration of vCSA 6.0
Part 4 – Installation of Openfiler for shared storage
Part 5 – Introduction to VMware vSphere 6 Features and Licensing
Part 6 – Install and configure VMware vSphere Data Protection
Part 7 – Install and configure VMware vSphere Replication

Click here for Part 2

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