Part 2 : Install and configure ESXi 6.0

Hello Everybody welcome back ! In continuation from the previous post which briefed about VMware Esxi and its basics components and features. We will now go ahead and install ESXi 6.0 , this can be done on bare metal ie directly installing it on a physical server or we can use Type 2 hypervisor such as VMware Workstation.

Initially we have to mount the ESXi image on to optical disk drive of your physical server or VM created on workstation. Once it is mounted we can now press CTRL + ALT + Insert (for Workstation users) to reboot and start the installation. Below image shows the first page that we encounter while installing ESXi.

As soon as you start the installer , you see that VMware ESXi starts to load and starts copying its temporary files to the disk.

Once it gets loaded completely ,  its pretty straight forward Accept EULA , Select the disk you wish to install ESXi, Provide your Root password and begin installation . After the installation is complete we must see the below Image. This image is called DCUI or Direct Console User Interface . You can start configuring your ESXi from DCUI or you can log in using putty by enabling SSH on your Host.

We now have to configure the Management networks or VMKernel network adapter for the ESXi, Ideally on a physical server we have multiple NIC cards so we use two of them for redundancy, If you are using Workstation then just skip Network Adapters and VLAN options, and configure a static IP address , appropriate Subnet Masking and Gateway. Set the Hostname for your ESXi Host and append your DNS server as well. As soon as you save these changes, ESXi would restart and reconfigure your network settings.

At this point you have installed and successfully configured your ESXi 6.0, I would advise you to create at least one more ESXi so that we can test more advanced vSphere features with two Hosts. We now have to deploy vCenter Server and add the Host/ Hosts to it.

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